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vitality of the everyday in a world full of tensions


In December 2022 I was in Taipei for the first part of my artist in residency to collect input in order to establish a project in this enchanting neighbourhood Galaya.

At this moment I am in Taipei to carry out the project and exhibition in close colaboration with Waley Art. The project is supported by the Mondriaan Fund which I am grateful for. I also thank Waley Art for the chance and their great support.

Waley Art focus on the local cultural and history studies of Galaya – an area south of the WanHua District, Taipei city, in which Waley Art is located in and actively sets up events with artists and community planners to make positive impacts.

WanHua is the oldest district in Taipei. The local, informal and sometimes a bit rough but charming character makes it perfect for my ongoing urban research project on the use of space.

Soon more…


year: 2023
artist in residence: July 16 – August 18
exhibition: August 12 – September 10
venue and organization: Waley Art
location: 322 6 No.6 Ln. 322, Wanda Rd, Wanhus Distr. Taipei City
director: Peng Tsai-Hsun
curator: Michelle Lin
assistance: Waley Art interns: James, Sandy
© photography Syu Po Yen, Jimmy

project support: Mondriaan Fund the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage, Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government, National Culture and Arts Foundation, 112


Fort Zeelandia Anping (tainan) 1660 Dutch East India Company

   Fort Zeelandia and the town of Anping (Tainan), trading post of the Dutch East India Company, 1660


historical drawing Fort Zeelandia


outline Fort Zeelandia


day market with electric trolley

Studio Frank Havermans Tofud WanHua Taipei Waley Art_1

day market with electric trolley

Studio Frank Havermans_model_Tofud WanHua_2

installation on elctric trolley with Fort Zeelandia, model

Studio Frank Havermans_model_Tofud WanHua_1
StudioFrankHavermans_TofudWanHua_3_©Syu Po Yen
StudioFrankHavermans_TofudWanHua_2_©Syu Po Yen
StudioFrankHavermans_Tofud_WanHua-Taipei_14© Frank Havermans
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