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1 minute video Jeanne van der Horst H3H, 2023

1 minute video Gerrit Schreurs, Akzo, 2018

De Architect no1 2021 Astrid Aarsen interview Studio Frank Havermans

article De Architect by Astrid Aarsen, 2021


studio visit Moon Hoon and Sung, 2018


speecht at OCT, Shenzhen, 2017


Venice Bienale, GAAF, 2016


Wan Chai VA, Hong Kong bienale, 2012


Vienna Design W with Hans Hollein 2008 ©Kramar


tensegrity construction Cacaofabriek, 2001

Studio Frank Havermans

The Studio creates strategic interventions, both self-initiated and commissioned. The innovative and experimental works arise from a combined deep interest for architecture, urban dynamics, landscape and infrastructure. In addition, there is ongoing worldwide research into self-organization.

Modules set up transitional spaces, including small scale architecture, urban think models and drawings, autonomous installations and (public) furniture. These play a strategic role, both spatially and socially, in the context in which they are constructed and literally redefine space as we know it. These interventions invite us to experience space in an alternative way, challenging us to contemplate the identity of a certain location.

The urban and architectural innovations always provoke the use around them and can be considered as proposals for architectural and urban change.


‘Havermans’s explorations forms resisting gravity to create a new order outside of what we know about function, place or materials.’ 


Aaron Betsky, architecture, art & design critic


‘Landscapes seem to gain meaning when Frank passes by. An extraordinary achievement.’ 


Floris Alkemade, architect, author


‘Conceptually Frank Havermans flies from a much lager scale than can be read at first glance. He reads the city, dives into its development history, then releasing the past and creating a new reality with its historical sensitivity.’ 


Astrid Aarsen, architecture historian


‘Havermans immerses himself in unfamiliar megastructures, moves among the inhabitants and finally arrives at thinking models built on intuition, critical distance and belief in the creative power of survival. He creates models to reflect on society that consists of many stories simultaneously.’


Diana Franssen, art historian, former curator Van Abbemuseum

manufacturing | Koos Schaart Adventures
technical drawings | Denis Bacal
construction | Helldörfer Lasbedrijf
pr, archive and art direction | Karin van Pinxteren
photography | René de Wit
visuals | Jaap Janssen
video | JiaoJiao Li
interns | Stijn van der Vleuten, Feike de Jong, Ami Boerbooms
logo | Strange Attractors



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