BanChe BangBang Rotterdam

Jan 5, 2024 | Exhibitions, News

BanChe BangBang

curator: Harald Van Der Sluys Veer

Talk: zondag 4 februari 15.00-16.00 uur


BanChe BangBang revers to the two basic instruments which define the human element for two ever expanding Asian metropolis’. These instruments – a barer and a trolley – are the foundation of Frank Havermans’ intervention.

Throughout his career Frank Havermans has been fascinated by the city as an organism. Created, planned by man, leaving little to chance. In doing so cities have become more and more distant from their initial purpose. This juxtaposition has become the breeding ground for his work.

His Sculptures, Installations, Cinematography and Photographs imagine a future which is a far cry from the grey monotonous habitat we call a metropolis, where human scale is embraced.
3029 BP Rotterdam
Thursday Feb 1 – 12:00 – 18:00
Friday Feb 2 – 12:00 – 19;00
Saturday Feb 3 – 10:00 – 19:00
Sunday Feb 4 – 10:00 – 18:00

BanChe BangBang

Tijdens Rotterdam Art Week (1 – 4 feb) toont KeileContemporary werk van de Nederlandse kunstenaar Frank Havermans. Het tentoongestelde werk is deel van een jarenlange serie van stedenbouwkundig onderzoek. Havermans onderzoekt de relatie tussen verschillende schaalniveau’s binnen de wereldsteden. Hierbij staat de relatie tussen de metropool en de mens centraal.

Te zien op de begane grond van het Keilepand tijdens RAW 2024 van 12.00-18.00. 

StudioFrankHavermans_TofudWanHua_2_©Syu Po Yen
StudioFrankHavermans_TofudWanHua_2_©Syu Po Yen
StudioFrankHavermans_Tofud_WanHua-Taipei_14© Frank Havermans
StudioFrankHavermans_TofudWanHua_2_©Syu Po Yen

photo Marian Lems


Great visit from Huib Buise, Consul General Chongqing and Mafalda Esperito Santo Nunes, Commissioner for Culture West China.


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