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Aug 15, 2023 | Exhibitions, News


►展覽資訊 Exhibition Information

展覽|慢形構——在邊緣滑移 Transformation – Strolling on the Edge

藝術家|Frank Havermans、藝術到家Art Together、張震揚Martin Cheung、張才生 Choi Sang Cheung

策展人|林以寧Yi-Ning Lin、黃羿瑄 Yi Hsuan Huang

日期 Exhibition Dates|2023.08.12 Sat. – 09.10 Sun.

開幕茶會Opening Reception|2023.08.19 Sat. 2pm

時間 Opening Hours|週一至週日 12:00-19:30

地點Venue|水谷藝術 Waley Art

地址 Address|臺北市萬華區萬大路 322 巷 6 號  No. 6, Ln. 322, Wanda Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 

主辦單位Organizer|水谷藝術 Waley Art

合辦單位Official Partners|Studio Frank Havermans、藝術到家Art Together

贊助單位Sponsor Partners|蒙德里安基金會Mondriaan Fund、台北市文化局Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government、國藝會National Culture and Arts Foundation 水谷藝術獲國藝會112年「視覺藝術組織營運補助專案」補助

Grateful to report that my project grant TOFUD # WanHua Taipei has been approved by the Mondriaan Fund. I also thank Waley Art for the chance and their great support.



Studio Frank Havermans_model_Tofud WanHua_2
TOFUD WanHua Taipei
StudioFrankHavermans_TofudWanHua_2_©Syu Po Yen
StudioFrankHavermans_Tofud_WanHua-Taipei_14© Frank Havermans
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