KAPKARTOFUD # Noordvitrine | Model Exhibition

The Studio’s hardware in 134 models

Next to his transitional installation KAPKAR/ ZM-S*B3-JH, Frank Havermans was asked to make a second installation in the 30-meter-long store window of Schunck Glaspaleis. He designed KAPKARTOFUD # Noordvitrine, a modelexhibition with 134 design models.

The models are the hardware of Studio Frank Havermans. For the solitair store window Havermans has made three exhibition displays, interesting from all angles, which have been constructed from fragments taken from earlier installations on which and against which models are displayed.

As a result of the process, these models – literally Havermans’ three dimensional blueprints – take on an autonomous status. This landscape of models is suggestive of how architecture might otherwise be practised. An architectual dialect which – parallel to refinede language – envisages a richer style of construction.

year: 2017
location: Glaspaleis | Schunck museum Heerlen, Netherlands
dimension: 2845 x 340 x 290 cm
material: wood, lacquer, steel cable, design models, conclusion models 1998 – 2007
venue: Schunck Glaspaleis Noordvitrine
exhibition: ‘Transitional’ August 18 – November 12
curator: Lene ter Haar
design: Studio Frank Havermans, Karin van Pinxteren
manufacture: Studio Frank Havermans, Stephan Valk, Karin van Pinxteren
in cooperation with: Jeroen Evertz, Torsten Eurlings, Ralf Nevels, Ivo Straetmans
coordination: Floor van Dijk
photography: © René de Wit

solo exhibition with 2 installations:

KAPKAR / ZM-S*B3-JH   +  KAPKARTOFUD # Noordvitrine


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