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Sep 3, 2021 | Exhibitions


João Ó & Rita Machado
exhibition September 2021
Travessa Inácio Baptista nr 14
Macau, S.A.R. China


Since the arrival of the Portuguese Macau has always been a hub to build a new intercontinental infrastructure, to establish a relationship between two different cultures, China and Europe.

The start of this cooperation was the reason to make the peninsula bigger and more important by land reclamation projects and making ports and even an airport in the sea. One can feel this power and it is also visible on maps.

In this installation I use infrastructure elements from Macau, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and connect it to Portugal and the Netherlands to focus on relationships that exists for hundreds of years by a still expanding infrastructural network.


Impromptu Projects

Ephemera Public Space Cooperative


Zoom Webinar organizer

Architecture Association of Macau


Institutional Support

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for Hong Kong and Macau SARs

Institute of European Studies of Macau



Impromptu Storefront (installation)

AAM premise (on site + zoom webinar)

Impromptu Projects Ltd is a Macau based multidisciplinary studio practice founded by João Ó and Rita Machado. The work of the studio is focused on the design of ephemeral structures as well as on the study fo their social relevance.

They propose a kind of architecture that is mindful of the territory’s current situation, aiming at the expansion of improbable public spaces with the involvement of the local community as critical participants in the urban space, using installations, events, and urban art as references.

Their work has been exhibited internationally, including as a representative of Macau at the Venice Biennale and the Architecture Biennale in 2009 and 2014 respectively.


digitial anouncement by Impromptu projects

Impromptu : Storefront, street vieuw

Impromptu : Storefront, elevation exhibtion space

© Studio Frank Havermans, sketch INFRA (in Situ), Impromptu : Storefront, Macau

© Studio Frank Havermans, sketch INFRA (in Situ), Impromptu : Storefront, Macau

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