INFRA # MACAU_ Artificial Landscapes

‘Infra structures are the cathedrals of our time’

This site-specific installation showcases an ongoing observation of infrastructure. Being mankind’s largest built structures, infrastructure comprises an international network that supersedes national borders. By harbour maps from Macau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong connected to Portugal (Lisbon) and the Netherlands (Rotterdam), the project became a way to convey the overseas relatioonships that have existed for hundreds of years between these cities.

If infrastructure connects people, the storefront is a three-dimensional map that collides a post-geographical affection. The spatial language of folded black harbour maps manifest uncanny views of an otherwise straightforward flat and generic typology. It proposes an imaginary transnational enterprise, in which the wite voids are merely temporary gaps that are soon filled as the built environment never ceases to expand. Hypothetically, the ultimate iteration of this window would be an uneasy dense, black picture.

year: 2021
location: Impromptu Storefront, Macau
Impromptu Projects, Macau
Ephemera Public Space Cooperative, Macau
duration: September 22 – December 31, 2021
curators: João Ó and Rita Machado
© photography Courtesy of Impromptu Projects

Supported by:
Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for Hong Kong and Macau SARs.
Institute of European Studies of Macau.

Impromptu Storefront (installation)
AAM premise (on site + zoom webinar)

Zoom Webinar organizer:
Architecture Association of Macau


© Video by Antonio Sanmarful, courtesy of Ephemera Public Space Cooperative.

Consul General Arjen van den Berg of the Dutch Consulate Hong Kong and Macau opens the exhibition INFRA # MACAU_Artificial Landscapes at Impromptu Projects.


‘Infra structures are the cathedrals of our time’

Inner_Harbour Macau, photo Keiziro, 2009

Inner Harbour Macau, photo Keiziro, 2009, source Wikipedia

Porto de Lisboa

port of Lisbon

Maasvlakte APM terminal havenberijf

Rotterdam APM terminal harbour


port of Shenzhen

Port_of_Hong_Kong_Photo S 0524. Wikipedia

Port of Hong Kong


model of the INFRA installation with 5 harbour maps


Drawing by Impromptu Projects

speech by Arjen van den Berg, consul general Dutch Ambassy in Hong Kong

installation Macau_studiofrankhavermans_impromptu_14

from left to right: Jimmy Wardhana (Board of Directors of Architects Association of Macau), Christine Choi (President of Architects Association of Macau), Rita Machado (Director of Impromptu Storefront), João Ó (Director of Impromptu Storefront), Hugo Couto (President of General Assembly of Ephemera Public Space Cooperative), Dr. Jose Luis Sales Marques (President of Institute of European Studies of Macau), Francisco Ricarte (Board of Directors of Architects Association of Macau), Chan Si Kei (Board of Directors of Ephemera Public Space Cooperative).