Hello Wood Architecture

Jun 15, 2015 | Lectures & Workshops

Hello Wood Educational
‘Play with Balance’
the international Summer School & Festival for Architecture
Csórompuszta, Hungary

on invitation by Hello Wood

‘This team, BARNY, led by Architectural Artist Frank Havermans came up with a truss structure inspired by traditional Hungarian barns, but adapted to take on a modernist aesthetic. Aside from being literally unbalanced, the design also balanced the traditional barn inspiration with modern materials, as the structure was made of plywood and fixed in place with steel cables. Another important aspect of the project was the traditional communal event of the ‘barn raising’, where students would get a feel for the extreme weight of their structure, something that they don’t experience in a university setting.’


Frank Havermans (NL)

Kőműves Márton
Silviu Medesan
Medveczky Dóra,
Oszetzky Dorina
Ayelen Peressini
Alex Rieveley
Sas Maxim

Hello Wood team Frank Havermans ©Tamás Bujnovszky_2
Hello Wood team Frank Havermans ©Tamás Bujnovszky_3
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