KAPKAR / HWS-18 | Outdoor Furniture

An object usable for all

Exhibition space for contemporary art De Bewaerschole in the tourist village Burgh Haamstede, asked me to develop an autonomous object in the front garden that would attract the gaze of the passenger as goal to enter the garden and thereby the space.

Thinking about that turned the autonomous question into a robust piece of outdoor furniture so that passengers and visitors can actually stay in the garden for a while and can drink, eat, read and talk.


year: 2011-2018
location: Burgh Haamstede, The Netherlands
client: De Bewaerschole
solo exhibition: Occupied Space III + commission
+ commission: object to attract passengers
manufacture: Studio Frank Havermans + Koos Schaart Adventures
material: used construction plywood, polyester currugeted sheet, steel cables
dimensions: 420 x 320 x 320 cm
© photography Rene de Wit


The piece has different levels for users of different kind of ages. One can hang, sit, stand, just put one foot on it or lie on one of the beams, the footstool for an adult is the seat for a child. The location is near the North Sea, what refers to its catamaran look. It is manufactured by used plywood and has a transparant roof by gulf sheet a diy material that gives the object a very accessible and playful appearance. The roof keeps the visitor dry, it feels cosy and at the same time it keeps the quality of daylight untouched and soft focus the sunbeams falling through the brenches of the tree when the sun is shining.It is fun used by one, two or used by twenty people, there is always a seat available.

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