KAPKAR / GC-MV1 | Mobile Work Pavilion

From unknown ground to crossing engagement

Artist Frank Havermans’ Art Mobile Brigade is based on the military vehicles of Major General De Ruyter van Steveninck Kazerne. Five mobile works of art based on five area-specific themes, which local residents, entrepreneurs or other interested parties can reserve and have placed.

Frank: “It is striking: suddenly there is something in the area that stimulates your imagination as a visitor to the area.” Because people can use the mobile vehicles, for example as a work or meeting room, as a lookout, or as an information point and take them along in the area, the artworks are always in different places. The idea is that you will recognize the works of art, because you always encounter them in different places.

The users of the area make the connection themselves through the mobile works of art. “Big, strange and adventurous.”


year: 2019
sketch design De Groene Loper
location: Area Eindhoven – Oirschot, Netherlands
client: Municipality of Eindhoven, municipality of Oirschot, Brabants Landschap
organization: Kunstloc Brabant, Municipality of Oirschot
© visuals: Jaap Janssen


route Oirschot – Eindhoven


Strijp S, Eindhoven

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