KAPKAR / DW-F370 | Sea Observatory

We have to stay vagilant and we know that.

KAPKAR / DW-F370 is a landmark in the dunes, it is clearly visible. From a distance, it doesn’t look like a work of art at first. It seems like a strange element. Yet it evokes recognition because the visual language is derived from elements from the immediate environment. It looks like a crane or maybe a boat lift, a bunker and even a wind turbine. Yet it looks different, it does not have the claer, bright colors that we are used to from machines.


year: 2011
location: coast Monster, Netherlands
commission: sketch design, art on bike lane Delfland
involved parties: Province Zuid-Holland, Kunstgebouw, Municipality of Westland
© visuals: Jaap Janssen


Obviously, it is an artifact that contrasts with the organic environment. The hybrid construction that is related to the way of thinking of humans stands proudly on top of the dune. The sea we know will always be stronger. We have to stay vigilant, we know that.

KAPKAR / DW-F370 stands as a watchman on top of the dune as a permanent reminder of our creative drive, work ethic, our inventiveness and vigilance. But also as a reminder of our ambivalent and often aggressive attitude with which we treat our nature.

The artwork feels familiar and it feels at home. After all, we are used to technical aids on the coast. We see the need for it and understand its use. We will not be prevented from enjoying the coast. Pipes, cranes, sliders, loaders whether they are there or not, we keep coming to the coast. The attraction is great.

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