Urban Shelter

The architectural shelter KAPKAR/ B’A-L11C is based on the footprint of the Bao’An Airport by Fuksas and transformed into a new entity. With it’s futuristic appearance and blue lights it speaks about new and playful ideas. The shelter lures people to meet each other, to wait or to sit down for a private moment.

KAPKAR/ B’A-L11C is located at Metro Airport line 11 Bao’An Baywalk in Shenzhen. 

The assignment is a follow-up assignment by the organization of the Bi-City Biennale Architecture and Urbanism Shenzhen/ Dapeng, 2020.

year: 2021
location: Shenzhen, China
orginization: Shangqi Art Projects
curator: Yang Yong
commissioned by: OCT

manufacturing: China
technical drawings: Denis Bacal, Den Haag
© photography: Shangqi Art



© FUKSAS architects

For this assignment I was looking for a good example of infrastructure to use as a starting point for the art intervention in the new Bao’An Baywalk Park next to a metro entrance on Line 11.

Since 10 years the new airport by Fusksas has been opened. On the map of Boa’an this airport has a clear logic shape. Anyone can see right away what it is. I took this plan as a starting point to make a new sculpture for the high line park.

This urban shelter emphasis on the beauty of infrastructure, in this case the Boa’An airport, and also make it more tangible and an experience for the visitors of the elevated park.

Using the floorplan of this airport is a reminder of where the current wealth of Shenzhen is coming from and what shoots Shenzhen and Bao’An into the future.

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