KAPKAR/ B-612+621 | Contemporary Folly

What lies beneath you..

Ten artists made new works for this exhibition, with the theme ‘contemporary follies’.

On Beeckestijn, I note that everything is back in excellent condition thanks to a thorough restoration. Part of the history of the country estate, namely the bunkers built during the German occupation, is deliberately kept out of the picture. That part does not fit in with the romanticized appearance of the country estate, while according to me this layer in history is very interesting, certainly in contrast to the romantic environment. 

year: 2014
location: Velsen-Zuid, Netherlands
dimension: cm (l,w,h)
material: multiplex, laquer
client: Buitenplaats Beeckestijn
curator: Nathalie Faber
venue: Estate Buitenplaats Beeckestijn
exhibtion: Zomeren op de buitenplaats
June 22 – September 28, 2014
manufacturing: Studio Frank Havermans
install: Frank Havermans, Koos Schaart Adventures
photography: René de Wit, Breda

participating artists: Maze de Boer, Frank Havermans, Fransje Killaars, Job Koelewijn, Jean Bernard Koeman, Gabriel Lester, Leonard van Munster, Berend Strik, Giny Vos en Chikako Watanabe

supported by: The Mondrianfund


Nothing is what it seems and you cannot control history. Based on this idea, I have placed KAPKAR / BS-621 + 612 on one of the remaining war bunkers of Beeckestijn, which has been hidden under a thick layer of soil for decades.

A corner of a bunker type 621 is made free of soil and one small observation post space is dug out to be the foundation of my construction. The folly is designed by manipulating an original drawing of one of the former concrete structures into a new design that grows out of the bunker and makes its position manifest.

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