Meanwhile in Shenzhen

Jun 22, 2021 | Other

KAPKAR / B’A-L11C is fabricated in  Shenzhen at this moment. The architectural shelter is based on the footprint of the Bao’An Airport and transformed into a new entity. With it’s futuristic appearance and blue lights it speaks about new and playful ideas. The shelter lures people to meet each other, to wait or to sit down for a private moment.

KAPKAR / B’A-L11C is located at Metro line 11 Bao’An Baywalk in Shenzhen. 


The assignment is a follow-up assignment by the organization of the Bi-City Biennale Architecture and Urbanism Shenzhen/ Dapeng, 2020.

Commission: Yang Yong, Shanqi Art Shenzhen
Client: OCT
Technical drawings: Denis Bacal, The Hague

KAPKAR / B’A-L11C in construction in Shenzhen China, june 2021. 

location of KAPKAR / B’A-L11C at Metro line 11 Bao’An Baywalk.

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