Interview Art or Architecture?

Apr 19, 2022 | Interviews

Technical University Eindhoven
Master Architecture
Students: Janne van Heeswijk, Serina Bos
Supervised by Tom Veeger


On March 15 Janne van Heeswijk and Serina Bos, master’s students of Architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology, interviewed me at the Studio. The main question was:

‘What is your view on the hard line between art and architecture ?’

We had a few hours of good questions and a nice conversation and concentration.

The master project, supervised by artist/architect Tom Veeger, investigates the relationship between the world of art and architecture.


Serina and Janne both have designed a parasite for Museum Beelden aan Zee / Kunstmuseum Den Haag to exhibit one of Frank’s works.

The choice of Serina was the INFRA installation in the Museum of Contemporary Art Chongqing China. The choice of Janne was KAPKAR/ TO-RXD the landscape observatory in Sint Oedenrode.

Great to see their study and designs!



Serina Bos en Janne van Heeswijk

exhibtion Master Assignment Art of Architecture Serina Bos

exhibtion Master Assignment Art of Architecture Janne van Heeswijk

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