Waterschool M4H+

Jul 31, 2021 | Exhibitions

Studio Makkink & Bey
exhibition 9 June- 30 July
Marconistraat 85 Rotterdam
part of IABR 2021, Rotterdam

Great to be part of the Digital Library of Waterschool with other clever designs on sustainable projects. The Studio Dwelling in Vught KAPKAR TAW-BW-5860 is in the digibase of Waterschool and on display in the Wood section at the exhibition.

Made to be circulair, being a temporary house for many artists since 2004 until now and noticed by Makkink & Bey on living+atelier typology to develop a challenging living environment for future residents.

Feeling good!

Impressive to hear and see their ongoing energy of the longterm project. Very perceptive and very generous to share their database and research.

WATERSCHOOL M4H+ investigates how a range of resources can contribute to building a sustainable and circular learning environment, in order to meet the water challenge and ensure an optimized ecological footprint for the 6,300 future residents of Merwe-Vierhavens M4H+.

It illustrates what this new living and working environment could look like when its development is guided by a resource use that allows for the just interaction between all organisms, communities, and their environment.

The exhibition shows work of over 30 selected designers, architects and artists and a Waterschool (digital) library addressing the themes and collecting the results of the research by design into those resources that can serve as (building) materials and/or food while having a responsible relationship to water use.

explanation by Rianne Makkink

the studio dwelling in Vught is one of the 15 examples of wood built circulair houses

Studio Frank Havermans, studio dwelling KAPKAR / TAW-BW-5860, Vught, Netherlands

Studio Frank Havermans, studio dwelling KAPKAR / TAW-BW-5860, Vught, Netherlands

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