Time, Space & Architecture

Sep 15, 2017 | Exhibitions

Time, Space & Architecture
Huidekoperstraat 26-28, Amsterdam

Cityscapes Foundation
group exhibition
September 15 – October 27, 2017

on display: 3 photo’s TOFUD #Chongqing BB2


The building, it’s position and it’s state of transition provide several associations with Space, Time and Architecture, the wellknown book by Siegfried Gideon. Where Gideon emphasized the interdependence between architecture with the space and time (in the sense of ‘period’) in which it occurs,  the exhibition brings a new take on these intertwined elements, thus its title ‘Time, Space and Architecture’. With more space than ever, the exposition expands over the five floors of the building, exploring Time, Space and architecture and the relations between them.

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