Tangible Traces

Feb 10, 2010 | Books

How to leave an imprint in a world that has been rendered uniform by globalization, standardization and commercialization? Tangible Traces proffers context, craftsmanship and tradition as antidotes to our seamless global landscape of bland architecture and design. The architecture firm Onix, spatial designer Frank Havermans, textile designer Claudy Jongstra, fashion designer Alexander van Slobbe and industrial designer Hella Jongerius share a common quest to imbue their work with unexpected meaning derived from consideration of local culture and context, rediscovery of traditional craft, use of quotidian materials and a fascination with chance and improvisation. Though they look to the past for inspiration, a fusion of state-of-the-art technologies and an unmistakably Dutch vision lends their designs a contemporary air. 


This publication coincides with the traveling exhibition Tangible Traces. Dutch Architecture and Design in the making, curated by the Nederlands Architecture Institute.

Published by Eelco van Welie, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam
ISBN 978-90-5662-328-9
248 p, ills colour & bw, 15 x 21 cm, English
Compiled and edited by : Linda Vlassenrood
Essays: Linda Vlassenrood/ Mirjan van der Linden, Louise Schouwenberg/Joost Grootens, Roemer van Toorn, Blommers/Schumm
Graphic design: Hansje van Halem
Production: Caroline Gautier, NAi Publishers
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