TOFUD # INFRA | Solo Exhibition

solo exhibtion

Frank Havermans has a clear concept of art creation. Almost all of his works are named in the same manner – the names of his architectural works usually start with ‘KAPKAR,’ followed by a number, and the names of his works related to urbanization usually start with ‘TOFUD,’ also followed by a number. The materials he uses are relatively simple as well – he mainly uses timber and architectural metals. Before he creates a piece of work, Haverman does plenty of researches and often creates his works site-specifically. This is also the reason why some of his works are permanently kept at the places they were created.

year: 2017
location: Chongqing, China
organization: Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art
October 21 – December 15, 2017
creative director / curator: Yang Shu
assistant curator: Li Li
© photography Wen Wei a.o.


Yang Shu, Frank Havermans, Li Li, Bao Lei, Thomas Falkenhagen: Deputy Consul General Consulate of The Netherlands, Chongqing.

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