KAPKAR / TS-1P | Study

Table and chair for one person

KAPKAR/TS-1P was originally developed for De Kamer, a small exhibition space for design in De Krabbedans centre for visual art and design in Eindhoven. Although De Witte Dame, the old Philips factory in which De Krabbedans is accommodated, is full of interesting architectural features, there are none of these in De Kamer. It is simply a secluded space that turns away from its environment. This introverted character provided the inspiration for an installation that would emphasize it.

KAPKAR/TS-1P creates conditions that allow you to withdraw, to turn away briefly from everyday reality. It is a place to concentrate that depends on, emanates from and hangs on the wall behind it. The disc-like space has no side walls; you can easily climb in an out. Table, chair and space are one. Despite its open character the object compels you to concentrate. A space off the floor where you can read, write or think. The untreated, used construction plywood has a fine pattern which naturally draws the attention.

A peculiar feature of this object is that once you are inside it, you are automatically left in peace. It not only compels the user to be still, but the viewer as well.


year: 2002
location: Eindhoven
organization: De Kamer, De Krabbedans
curator: Frank Eerhart
manufacture: Studio Frank Havermans
material: recyled construction plywood and planks, birch plywood, square timber, paint
dimensions: 604 x 70 x 285 cm
© photography: © Rene de Wit


on display:

2001 De Kamer, De Krabbedans, Frank Eerhart
2002 Statements, KunstRai, Galerie Witteveen
2004 TU Eindhoven, Bouwkunde, Jos Bosman
2005 Paulus Abdij, Oosterhout, Geurt Grosfeld
2006 CBK, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Peke Hofman




      conclusion model


entrance De Kamer


    develop models


installation De Kamer, Krabbedans, Eindhoven


Exhibition Paulus Abdij Oosterhout 2005, Father Matthias

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