KAPKAR / SDR-3P | Star Bridge

School hub

The municipality of Son en Breugel and EN/EN Architecten, the architects of the school, have the desire to add a bridge to the new building to connect with the adjacent green. An important condition is that the bridge will connect the first floor of the school with the adjacent brink in order to safely cross the cycle path.

The school does not have its own playground and has an emphatic desire to let the children play in the public space of the park. A safe crossing is necessary for this. The school also wants the neighborhood to make use of the bridge.

year: 2015
location: Son en Breugel, Netherlands
commission: pedestrian bridge
dimension: …….cm
material: oak, Corten steel
location: School De Ruimte, Sonniuspark
architect: architecten|en|en
involved parties: Municipality of Son en Breugel, School de Ruimte, Platoo, BKKC
manufacture Corten Steel construction: Helldorfer Lasbedrijf en Scheepsbouw, Arhem
manufacture wood construction: Studio Frank Havermans + Koos Schaart Adventures, Velp
constructive engineering: Archimedes Bouwadvies, Eindhoven
foundation engineering: Jacbo, Oosterhout
fundation advice: Inpijn-Blokpoel
photography: © Studio Frank Havermans


The starting point for the studio was not to make a linear bridge but to split it up toward the two area’s Sonniuspark and Gentiaan, so that a tripod was created. This resulted in two entrances and extra space to create sitting and standing opportunities, to play and perform, in the heart of the bridge.

It provides a nice square space between the school and the park with a good view. In a natural way, the bridge offers space for all kinds of activities. The expressive connection stands out in the environment. The construction has a free span of thirteen meters and is made of Corten steel. The bridge deck is made of finely sawn oak. The Star Bridge has a sturdy look and an open character. The remarkable design has a strong appeal and invites you to enter.

steel construction, drawing Archimedes

manufacturing at Heldorfer Lasbedrijf en Scheepsbouw, Arnhem

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