Frank Havermans 1 : 1 | Solo Exhibition

On the cutting edge of visual art and architecture

Frank Havermans himself classifies his work as ‘architectonic constructs’. On the cutting edge of visual art and architecture, his edifices take the form of a space that can be (temporarily) occupied, like a tree house, a look-out post or a two-person movie theatre. And sometimes they are ethereal structures reminiscent of complex urban design models that relate to a specific location.

Havermans combines his fascination with space and structural principles, love for the material and great enjoyment in making things (himself). Along with drawings and models he is showing five great architectonic constructs, including an installation that serves as a ‘holder’ in which to display part of the museum’s collection. Like all his installations this work is functional and ‘useful’, but not servile. As though Havermans were telling the museum: ‘Think before you use!’

year: 2011
location: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
venue: SM’s Stedelijk Museum of Art & Design
curator: Réne Pingen, director
exhibition: Frank Havermans 1:1 – Januari 29 – may 5
commission: KAPKAR/ VH-55, exhibition cabinet
photography: © Peter Cox, Eindhoven

on display:
KAPKAR/ TCM-656, Montréal, 2003
KAPKAR / TCP-2P, Sao Paulo, 2007
TOFUD # Amsterdam, Zuidas, 2010
TOFUD #SM’s, 2011
KAPKARTOFUD, model installation, 2011

solo exhibition ‘Frank Havermans 1:1’


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