AIR GM8 Amsterdam



Cityscapes Gallery generous invited me to an Artist in Residence project at GM8 Gabriël Metsustraat in Amsterdam. A contemplation time during six weeks for drawing and thinking about urbanism.

The result of the residency in GM8 is presented on Friday 29 March by a talk with Bastiaan Gribling and Michiel van Iersel.

year: 2013
location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
venue: GM8 Guest Studio, Gabriel Metsustraat 8
drawings: diverse dimensions
material: cardboard, ink, filler
artist in residence: February/ March
on view: March 29
artist talk: Frank Havermans with Bastiaan Gribling (Cityscapes Gallery) and Michiel van Iersel (Non-Fiction)
hosts: GM8, Cityscapes Gallery, Non Fiction

on invitation by : Cityscapes Gallery

In the eyes of Frank Havermans the city is not only the product of architects, urban designers, developers or politicians. The city of Frank Havermans is an independent being that forms and transforms itself on its own. Over the years Havermans investigated in his own particular way the secrets and complexities of urban structure in a series of drawings and objects that form an on-going project on the city.

This time his exercise departs from the empty Cityscapes Studio with in it only three austere objects by Gerrit Rietveld: a steel table, a glass show-case and a wooden chair. Step by step Frank conquers this space and fills it with his dreams and drawings about the secret life of the city.



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