Borderlight! There it is

Jun 22, 2023 | News


There it is!

June 10, 2023, almost the longest day. The sun at its highest position lets its light shine perpendicularly through the perforation in the dome of the border chapel exactly on the real state border between the Netherlands and Germany in the heart of the Schengen agreement area.

The elusive dotted line on the grass shows a border that is no longer indicated, but is definitely there. On the left side you are in the Netherlands, on the right side you are in Germany.

Antoine Achten: ‘By making the absence of the national border manifest, Havermans encourages reflection on this phenomenon, stimulates discussion and encourages dialogue. The shifting boundary light, a dotted line projected by the sunlight in the blue chapel space that seems to have escaped from a map, symbolizes the ongoing changing in boundaries in the world.

Border Chapel, in the heart of Schengen Area with exact one leg = 50% situated in Germany in Hommersum and the other leg = 50% situated in the Netherlands in Ottersum. The mini dome in Madonna blue catches the invisible vertical border in light by a cut-away dotted line. It honours and questions the phenomenon of the unique situation of our European open borders and functions as a catalyst for unexpected stories about state borders, often deeply personal.


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